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Description files (long for descfiles) are the files that defines Gaby behaviour: what are the tables, the subtables, the fields, how to show them, which actions are applicable, what files are used, ...

They may be very short (less than 200 bytes) for simple databases or longer for more complex ones (desc.gaby is more than 5kb long).

How to use

There are several ways to tell Gaby which descfile to use; concrete example for gcd :

  • Using args: gaby --as gcd
  • Using symlinks (several ways):
    • ln -s gaby /usr/bin/gcd then simply gcd
    • ln -s gaby /usr/bin/gaby-gcd then simply gaby-gcd

Included descfiles

Some descfiles are provided in the tarball while you can create your own using the Gaby Description Builder.

Here are some notes about the included ones.


It provides support for FreshMeat appindex database file, as used by appindex.

Author:Frederic Peters
Purpose:Freshmeat appindex database
Size:750 bytes


Author:Frederic Peters
Purpose:Debian packages file
Size:1003 bytes


It has the same name as the app 'cause it was the first one; it is a fairly complete addressbook, providing actions (such as 'mail to'), support for multiple files (different system-wide and user addressbooks), ...

Author:Frederic Peters
Translations:Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian
Size:6724 bytes


Author:Frederic Peters
Size:271 bytes


It is a complex descfile designed for CDs (or other music media), it provides three tables (for authors, tracks and disks), relations between them (so it is possible to view a disk and the tracks he has) and support for importing new records from cddb (local-file only).

Author:Frederic Peters
Translations:Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish
Size:2660 bytes


Matti Koskimies thought it was possible to use Gaby as a geneology program; he may be right and this is the start.

Author:Frederic Peters
Purpose:genealogy program
Size:2689 bytes


It is a descfile sharing the same files as desc.gaby but providing a GUI copied from GnomeCard, from the gnome-pim package

Author:Frederic Peters
Translations:Dutch, Finnish, French, German
Size:1109 bytes


It provides a videobase implementation using Gaby.

Author:Ron Bessems
Translations:Dutch, Finnish, French, German
Size:2206 bytes

You can Contribute

Most of those files were written by me while I'm sure you wrote (or will write) some that could be useful for others.

If you did, please send them to me so they'll be included in a new release of Gaby and (if translators have time) be translated to serve even more people. (this is also an easy way to put a foot in the AUTHORS file :) ).

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