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Latest release

A new release is up, 2.0.3. The only change is a contributed Italian translation.

The previous release web 2.0.2 and is available here (this is 1072k but it's worth it).


Patches are available to upgrade from older versions :

You may apply them using gzip -dc <gaby-patch-...gz> | patch -p1 -s -N -E -d gaby-1.9.x (gaby-1.9.x is the directory holding the old source)

For older patches you should directly get them from this directory.

Important: if you upgrade through patches you should touch aclocal.m4 if your system miss some (unneeded) development files.

Binary packages

Debian GNU/Linux
apt-get install gaby
Others (rpm-based distributions)

I try to build RPM packages but since they are in use by so many distribution around I cannot say it will work everywhere (and even more so since they are built on my Debian system and completely untested).

You can also create your own RPM package with rpm -ta gaby-2.0.2.tar.gz.


The code is also available on the Gnome CVS (module 'gaby'). If you want to know more you should read Gnome introduction to CVS.


Gaby uses GTK+ as its toolkit and (according to a logic rule) requires it. It can also (greatly) benefit from Gnome but it is not required.

Other non required things are libglade, libxml (also known as gnome-xml) and Python.

It can also use gdk-pixbuf or imlib to have image fields and EsounD to have sound fields but they shouldn't be mandatory.

You can find complete installation instructions in the INSTALL file.

Help files

Gaby help files are written with the DocBook DTD using stylesheets from Cygnus. But I understand you might want documentation without bothering with several foreign packages so I provide the HTML and the PostScript version as a tarball available here (this is in fact the doc/ directory as created by 'make install'). You may also browse the HTML version here.

Please note that the documentation tarball could be out of sync with the sgml files from Gaby tarball. I'll try to remember to update them for each releases but you'll see ...

Old releases

They should be available from /archives/gaby-x.y.z.tar.gz but I don't know why you'd want them :)

Even 1.0 is still available (but no more really supported); anyway if you are looking for a small addressbook program you can download it here.

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