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Since you won't download anything if you don't have screenshots this page will try to please you before you go to the Download page.

I mainly use Window Maker and Enlightenment as window manager (depends of the phase of the moon) so you won't have screenshots with something else. I also don't tend to change my theme every hours so you won't have a screenshot for each gtk theme (I am addicted to Thin Ice which is nice, clean and light) nor with a lot of different window manager theme.

Big one :
153k Date: January 17th 2002, 2.1.00

This is the future Gaby 2.2, using GTK+ 2.0.

Big one :
108k Date: December 31st 2000, 1.9.97

This shows that I just worked on the handling of subviews and it is now possible to add/remove directly from the main view. This also features the druid to create new descfiles.

Big one :
150k Date: June 3rd 2000, 1.9.21

This shows the website rewritten to use CSS and (a bit of) the new LaTeX print plug-ins.

Big one :
129k Date: Marth 17th 2000, 1.9.18

This shows the gladeform view plug-in (work in progress) in action as well as Glade used to edit it. And I did the background myself :)

Big one :
160k Date: January 14th 2000, 1.9.15

A few interesting things here: the new (optional) back/forward toolbar, the new simple search window and (in the Eterm) Python with the gaby module (with debugging turned on). And a spinning globe (made with The Gimp in the bottom/right on top of xmms.

Big one :
131k Date: January 5th 2000, 1.9.15

I realized I had no screenshots of Gaby using the GnomeCard view so I did this one in a clean desktop running IceWM.

Big one :
122k Date: December 17th 1999, 1.9.14

Did I tell you I bought 128M of RAM ? Here is the result: I no longer fear lauching Enlightenment with four desktops together with Gnome and misc other apps. And that makes a nice place to take a screenshot.

Big one :
111k Date: September 4th 1999, 1.9.8

I finally took the time to put the website left box on the top and tested it with the new Mozilla M9 under the cvs release of Enlightenment. And since those are screenshots of Gaby I launched gaby-gcd :)

Big one :
156k Date: August 26th 1999, 1.9.8

The all new, not yet in cvs (today is aug 28), Fresh Meat appindex browser, with 4694 records.

Big one :
130k Date: July 27th 1999, 1.9.7

The nice 'regex' filter applied to an extended list.

Big one :
124k Date: June 10th 1999, 1.9.6

This screenshot features the new 'canvas' view with custom colors.

Big one :
152k Date: May 8th 1999, 1.9.0

I know the picture with the girl wearing the 'I love Linux' t-shirt is cool but I won't send it to you :) (she is available on Bruno Bellamy's website).

Big one :
96k Date: May 8th 1999, 1.9.0

Big one :
143k Date: May 8th 1999, 1.9.0

Big one :
63k I finally got the time to download a screenshot featuring the database builder from Ron's homepage.

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