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Disclaimer: This page is completely unrelated to the application known as Gaby and only shares the same website because I don't have an other place at my disposal. Voila. You may now read on...

This page was a 'homepage' draft not so long ago but I decided it was not so interesting (who really want to know I'm still looking for a TTB ? :) ). So I reorganized that and here is the result...

Short resume

You did not want to know but here it is again: the stupid little resume (actually really little)! Born on June 16th 1979 (great year btw) in Liege, Belgium and involved in computers in general for too long to remember and in Linux for more than 3 years. Spent time coding (too much) and (I don't remember if there is something else...); for now C (glorified assembler) and Python (great) (that reminds me something: I also enjoy Monty Python films (as well as Terry Gilliam ones)) and I code listening to music ( dEUS, Venus, ... (Belgian rock)).

Voila (you will notice I really like that word: voila), it's done.

Misc code

I code, I code and the only thing you saw is Gaby (great app btw (looks like an objective statement?)) but it is not the only thing I did:

Bad old days

There was a time when Linux was not even a dream in my little head and I had to code; hence Windows. (I confess). I first wrote misc small and useless things in Visual Basic (version 1) (re-I confess) then switch to C++ and wrote useful (?) utilities (wallpaper randomizer for example) that I dared to distribute as shareware (oh lame). But my most successful app was Camouflage, a stegonagraphy program.

Those were still squatting my hard disk not so long ago when the Big Crash (tm) arrived and destroyed everything (November 99). This paragraph is now the only proof I did weird things... (I should perhaps remove it...).

Good new days

Aaaah Free Software, thanks RMS for leading our lost soul to better places... (this is perhaps not a good thing but I quasi-totally agree with RMS on proprietary software: keep that away of my computer (the only current exception being Quake I)). Bygone.

I don't have something wonderful in C to talk about so this will be entirely dedicated to Python:

  • This website script: 227 lines long, requires special directory layout. I just added comments on its top and documented the layout; it is now here (a copy of the template files is also available there
  • XML to DocBook converter: engineerd for Havoc Pennington book about Gnome (module GGAD on CVS, I don't remember the url), it converts its XML to proper DocBook. Really nice but I only tested it with Havoc's book. Available here.
  • Various CGI scripts: for handling TODO lists, bookmarks, ... too much French in them, I'll perhaps clean them
  • Strange parser: I also wrote the strangest parser I ever saw; it is in French and I wouldn't like someone asking me: prove me it works :)
  • and lots of useless 10-line scripts...

Put like that, I really wonder about the time I spent on my keyboard producing only three interesting scripts... oh yeah, there's Gaby.

School days

They are not over and the things we wrote are really stupid (my teachers don't know about Gaby, they'd be perplex...).

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