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April 7th 2002 - moved to Theridion server

Hosted by Théridion and SourceForge

Debian - the best distribution around


March 6th 2004 - 2.0.3

Available from Download page. Nothing new but an Italian translation.

April 7th 2002 - moved to Theridion server

Theridion is a company I started with a friend to provide commercial support and development around free software. This should have enabled me to work more on Gaby but that's not really the case for now since I'm currently really busy with other projects (Debian of course but also a new one not yet announced to the world).

Anyway I moved Gaby website to Theridion. And that's it :)

January 17th 2002 - news about the development branch

After playing two month ago with GTK+ 2.0 for the 2.0 branch I thought it would be a good idea to do the same with the development branch (what will give Gaby 2.2). Done. And it runs (after converting datafiles to UTF-8).

And there's even a screenshot.

November 28th 2001 - alive

That may be surprising but I'm still alive without much time to work on Gaby but a few free hours popped out of nowhere and allowed me to start porting Gaby to GTK+ and Gnome 2.0.

July 7th 2001 - released 2.0.2

Live from Bordeaux Libre Software Meeting here comes another stable release fixing the last (as usual) remaining bug in Gaby.


June 28th 2001 - released 2.0.1

Despite my (too) busy life I still somehow manage to work a bit on the development tree but that happens on a net-less computer so nobody can see it :( But specially for you I left my basement (that's not true it's on the fourth floor) to give you a new stable release, 2.0.1 !


May 15th 2001 - released 2.0.0 (really)

That finally happened.

May 11th 2001 - time to move again

Well... that's not exactly true since I'm still busy for some weeks but since I dealt with the last user who has a problem with 1.9.98 I will release 2.0 next week. (note that's not the first time I say this...)

A word about the new page layout: it is not great since I don't have time (I feel I already said that many times) and it is even worse on Netscape 4 but this is part of my campaign against aged browsers. You should really be using Konqueror, Mozilla or Lynx.

March 14th 2001 - back from the real life

I've been very silent lately; here is the reason: after exams I moved to Brussels to do my 'internship' in Arafox (website not worth looking at it) and I lived for a whole month without a real place to live (moving from friends to friends and back). That changed yesterday and (while I won't have a net connection) I'll be able to work seriously on Gaby now.

This means: releasing 2.0 this week (or next). And importing my development tree for 2.1 in sourceforge CVS (done today).

February 6th 2001 - pointless news

I visited both Linux Expo in Paris and OSDEM in Brussels those previous days while I'm still in exams for 3 days... That was really great (even if Linux Expo is commercial to death) but I didn't code for 5 days :(

Since I can't code for Gaby 2.0 (I want a stable release) I only had one thing to do: code on gaby 2.1.x and that feels great :) (but I won't upload anything before 2.0...)

Older news are still available.

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