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2.26 got released on Wednesday; after a few frantic days going back and forth to translators, being totally sorry to tell them the release notes were not ready yet, or that a new section went in, or that a late change was necessary. To all translators, one last time, you all do a great job, thanks!

Thanks to the wonders of time-based releases, it is just three years after 2.14, and at that time I wrote a script to generate a GNOME Status in Debian page. Over the years it accumulated cruft, and was a pain to maintain, so when Josselin asked for a few enhancements, I bit the bullet and finally rewrote it.

And here's the result: Status of GNOME 2.26 in Debian. Incidentally, the plan looks like getting 2.26.0 in experimental then, transitions permitting, to push 2.26.1 to sid. And 2.26.1 could even have session saving back, good times ahead...

Now to 2.28!

21 mars 2009, 20:18