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Sunday, March 17, 2013 15:03 - Divers

Long time without any activity here, and more generally less time with computers those past months, even though I visited Lyon for the JDLL in November and I was of course present in Brussels for the FOSDEM and the developer experience hackfest that happened just before. (I didn't write about it but it was totally unexpected for me to find myself there with two other motivated devhelp developers, many thanks to Aleksander and Thomas.)

But I am now finally back in action, installed in my new place, and for the occasion here are some pictures, starting perhaps with the most raw moment, after a few weeks:

Walls and flooring removed, October 2012

Walls and flooring removed, October 2012

I kept my other flat for a few months but had to let it go by December, and by chance my new upstairs neighbour offered me her spare bedroom, as well as her attic to store my boxes (thanks Fleur!). Still it kept for longer than expected and I became quite impatient of settling in my new place, and that finally happened ~10 days ago.

Temporary office space

Temporary office space

The packing boxes left the attic but most of them are still unopened.

Packing boxes moved to the future living room

Packing boxes moved to the future living room

The kitchen is almost done, not shown in the picture: a fridge is still missing.


Black and white kitchen

And I have the most fabulous bathroom.


Tetris bathroom

Thanks to my good friend Macha for the architect work she did, it's that nice because she always had the eyes on the smallest details.

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Well, bathroom is nice, but the battery is badly placed as you cannot lean on when taking a bath (regarding the smallest details).

Comment by Tomáš on March 17, 2013 15:15

Salut Fred,

il n'y a pas assez de photos pour tout voir, en tout cas les pièces ont l'air grande. J'espère que j'aurais l'occasion de voir cela la prochaine fois que je passerais dans le coin.

A bientôt

Comment by Baptiste on March 17, 2013 15:59

Enfin ! :-p J'applaudit des deux mains pour la cuisine, c'est du très beau boulot. Je suis moins sensible au côté Tétris, mais les goûts et les couleurs ;-)

Comment by libeforce on March 19, 2013 13:56

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