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Weekly summary and commit messages

I just posted this week commits summary on, I am getting used to this Monday morning dance, I'll probably move them to in a few weeks. I'm still expecting comments and pointers to interesting happenings as I will always miss some. You know how to contact me.

By the way, do we have a svn-username ↔ real name mapping ? At the moment the only way I have is to look up for real names in ChangeLog or MAINTAINERS files.

Also I wanted to rant a little bit, bear with me… My primary source when writing those weekly summaries is the messages you attach to your commits. Vincent Untz asked me to give out names but I didn't collect all of them. Also note the quality of commit messages is way higher for GNOME than for other projects I happen(ed) to follow.

Here is three example I would like to point:

  • enhance the previous patch, Daniel: relative commit messages makes me want to grin at the webcam.
  • from git, Richard: gnome-packagekit is great and I could as well wait for your blog posts to know what is hidden in those commits.
  • fixed #12345, Julien: pointing to bugzilla is great, it would be even better to copy what was #12345 bug about.

I would also like to expand on Richard from git message, and point out the way Xavier does things is not really more useful; using git-svn and commiting the branch you merged as a collection of individual "work commits" instead of a "feature commit" is a pain, I am not the one to give out git advices but it seems git rebase -i is really good.

But there, once again, the situation is much better in GNOME than in other places, no "plop", "even better", "try again", "added a patch", "to be sure" or other useless messages here.

20 octobre 2008, 12:10