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Tracking GNOME 2.17 (such a pleasure)

GNOME 2.17. introduced frozen external dependencies and I wake up every day happy about that; thanks Elijah and others.

Daily building GNOME is no more interrupted by failures or changes in Cairo, D-Bus or other low-level libraries we are using; daily failures are now our own responsability and I am so pleased we are doing very well here.

[oh yes, I say "we" since I answered Quim Gil call to join th GNOME foundation, hello every body]

Honest, my latest builds choked on gnome-doc-utils, but this was caused by local changes (it required gawk, Shaun commited a fix, I didn't have the time to look at it since I finally switched to gawk). The other long problematic issue is with mozilla/xulrunner on amd64, epiphany test for xulrunner segfaults, and this I have no idea how to fix, and not enough motivation to dig much into mozilla code.

Speaking of motivation, the build brigade we started at GUADEC has not seen enough work of my part, mostly because I finally couldn't get my head banging on another Python web framework (twisted in the case of buildbot), it must be possible to keep using Quixote which I am familiar with for web pages with buildbot doing its job in the background, don't know, have to look, some day.

Something else in my head since building GNOME from CVS is working so well is to start using GNOME from CVS, another big step, ideas keep popping about a jh*deb*uild.

4 novembre 2006, 19:22