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I will not participate to GUADEC this year, for various reasons (but not at all because GNOME is decadent), I'll miss you all; however I'll get an opportunity to train Vincent Untz for his icecream death match the week before, as I'll spend two days at the Libre Software Meeting.

It will also be the first time I meet Claude Paroz, the new Grand French Translation Master, who translated the JHBuild manual and added gettext support; he will be offering a workshop on translating free software projects on Wednesday (unfortunately I'll only get there on Thursday).

At work I finally installed Bugzilla and was quite pleased by the really easy installation process. Discovered default templates and hacked them to get features from GNOME Bugzilla (especially the ordering of elements in bug/edit.html.tmpl). Discovered it had no NEEDINFO status. Got an email telling me Bugzilla was way too hard to use and how it was not possible to even get a list of open bugs, and why is it asking about an axis??? Spent a bit more time on templates and removed the link to the reports feature. (Yes I considered I may end up helping Olav updating Bugzilla to 3.0 but I am not there yet, and I don't want to Perl).

Iceweasel 3.0, second release candidate, as well as Epiphany 2.22 built against xulrunner 1.9 landed in sid recently. Native looking buttons are nice (but they are not the real thing, they get some fade effect while my theme has solid colours). Epiphany looks like it was forced to use the new "SSL certificate problems" page and it doesn't do it perfectly (need to retype domain name, at first I thought it was intented behaviour). Feels like it consumes more memory. Smooth scrolling stopped being smooth on long pages where Gecko 1.8 had no problems. Synaptic touchpad horizontal scroll got inverted, moving from right to left goes forward in history. Overall I am not really happy.

GNOME 2.23 has been on my desktop since the start of this cycle but only recently did I start using the new gnome-session; I filed a few bugs but it is working nicely now (minus the legacy ~/.gnome2/session support).

After a hiatus of more than one year I started hacking back on Stamina, a radio scheduler/broadcaster; I finally realized how little time I had (for that project and generally speaking) and planned accordingly; since that time I spend a few hours a week and things are moving calmly towards a useable state.

Take care.

13 juin 2008, 19:45