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Those Past Weeks

19 octobre 2009, 10:01

After being quite active for a while with the port of things to the new Bugzilla I went pretty inactive for GNOME, too many other things in life. Of course I helped a little bit in getting 2.28.0 out, made a few patches left and right, and continued publishing the weekly commit digests (they turned one year old without any celebration).

If not in GNOME, where have I been those last weeks? Short list.

I went to Saint-Etienne as a member of a thesis committee (I wrote about this in French).

At work (I know I rarely write about work here) I have been extremely pleased with the participation around the w.c.s. project, mostly from the AUF, it is quite cool to get a real community form around a project. Also I am close to the completion of another project, centered around an extension, more on this later.

UC-33 Fader

I got back working on the radio panik website, together with S, definitely low tech. I have also been assembling things, hardware and software, to create a ultra light portable studio, playing with a MIDI control surface. In the process I contributed two patches to jack mixer and immediately got promoted maintainer...

And other things...

But now that 2.28.1 is around the corner, and decisions have to be made on 2.30, I'll get back to GNOME.