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Claude was kind enough to add JHBuild Manual to damned lies, in the infrastructure section; translations teams that were sitting on their 100% waiting for something to happen can rejoice, that's 561 new messages for you to translate. Keep up the excellent work.

Totally unrelated I played a little bit with Clutter to add nice explanations (fading in, moving out, with alpha channel) to some screencasts, as a proof of concept for some I would want to do at work (ultra-basic example, Epiphany on Acid3).

Clutter is really great there; but the whole screencast process is tedious at the moment, lacking solid tools. I had to resort to xvidcap for capture (Istanbul and Byzanz were failing, and I forgot about gtk-recordMyDesktop) and I had to write a Clutter program embedding a video texture, moving some rectangles and texts on it and recapturing it all again with xvidcap; tedious, as I wrote.

I thought a little bit about the correct architecture and I believe the ideal would be a gstclutteroverlay, just like there is gsttextoverlay; anybody working on this ?

4 mai 2008, 10:17