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What is Gaby ?

Though many full-fledged SQL database systems exist for Linux, both commercial and Open Source, these large client-server applications are overkill for managing a single user's personal data. (...)

Larry Ayers, in Linux Gazette #35

Gaby is a small personal databases manager for Linux using GTK+ and Gnome (if available) for its GUI.

It was designed to provide straight-forward access to databases a 'normal' user would like (addresses, books, ...) (see the descfiles page) while keeping the ability to easily create databases for other needs. On a technical side it was designed with extensibility in mind and thus use relies a lot on plug-ins; and an extension language not unlike The Gimp script-fus is available (an embedded Python).

A more complete list of features is available here.


This is a goal since not everybody speak english fluently (don't you ?). This means that any database you could create can be internationalized (ie. the same database will run in Spanish in Spain and in Finnish in Finland (pick your favorite country)).

There are currently Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations and it shouldn't take long before a Russian translation arrives (since 1.0 was translated in Russian and that the translator only has to wake up :) ).

Complete documentation

Providing complete (and good) documentation is also a (longer-term) goal. Current documentation is available in HTML on this page and is included as SGML in tarballs (already formatted documentation is available from the download page).

Copyrights and Disclaimers

Gaby is copyrighted by Frederic Peters and is licensed through the GNU General Public Licence. The builder is copyrighted by Ron Bessems and is licensed through the same license. The full text of the licence is available on the FSF web site.

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