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"Journées du logiciel libre" 2008 in Lyon

20 octobre 2008, 10:30

Dodji already wrote about our first day at the "Journées du Logiciel Libre" in Lyon; so he left at 20h and we went to the bar/restaurant where the weekly LUG meetings are organised; nice place, good eating, everyone left early. Meanwhile Dave overcame my misarrangements and managed to find me a good place to sleep; thanks Dave.

Woke up early on Saturday, rode back to Lyon, stopped to get breads, and croissants, and delivered them all well in time before the opening, at nine. Vincent arrived, and Dave, and everyone, and we were set for a new day. More people were there; went to the long Mozilla talk (cheap shot to Debian by Tristan Nitot, and funny part ranting about Apple lock-in, while happy using Mac OS X, and buying an IPhone.). Met more people, decided to go back to Brussels on Sunday as I found another place to sleep that night, finished the day at the same restaurant, with birthday cake and all. Went to a party next door, left early, went back sleeping.

Woke up late, breakfast, market, pots lyonnais with friends, ran to catch my train, slept, arrived in Brussels.

Good days.