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jackwsmeter - jack meter over websockets

Certainly I've been quite busy with work recently and a sane measure was not to spend my copious free time™ on computers; unfortunately that meant I didn't do much in GNOME since 3.12 got out. I handled the 3.12.1 and 3.12.2 releases, manned the booth in Solutions Linux in Paris with Luis.

Before getting back to GNOME, please welcome my pet project of the week, dubbed jackwsmeter. It's a way to transport audio input levels from jack over websockets. It's certainly not of interest for many people but it's been fun and I just pushed the code,

jackwsmeter screenshot

Boring screenshot

We will use it at Radio Panik to have an overview of the signal of various sources (studio 1 and 2, nonstop broadcasting system), and at various points of our processing chain.

As of GNOME, my jhbuild environment is up-to-date again (I experienced very few issues recreating it from scratch, that's terrific), I'm getting back on IRC, I'm looking at some bugs and patches, and with Matthias and others we are planning a release team BoF at GUADEC, we hope to get fresh blood in the team.

See you there!

5 juillet 2014, 14:51