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Long days at GUADEC... Discussing with many teams about how they feel for September, with regads to their work, and the overall picture, and then release team meeting on Monday evening, where we reached a general agreement in favour of a delay. Then back to discussing this proposal, in the Hogeschool lobby, in the advisory board, getting more feedback, refining things.

More drafting of emails & slides on Wednesday morning and finally we took the opportunity of Vincent "Building a strong post-3.0 GNOME story" talk to get the word out.

So if you haven't seen it already: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011.

We love the Release Team postit

People are loving the release team, get your sticker at the infodesk (thanks Ryan)

This was not easy, and it was especially difficult for me as I have been running GNOME Shell for months, experiencing all the progress, also because I have been so insistent with so many people to have their modules ported to GTK+ 3.

Of course it's not wasted work (I'd feel so bad if it was), and we actually need to have more modules getting a --with-gtk={2.0,3.0} configure flag (look at this commit in gcalctool for an example), and ported to GSettings (the target date is sill September), etc.

There are still two days to discuss things here, if you have any comment just grab Vincent, Andre, Olav, Karsten, Fred or myself.

29 juillet 2010, 09:15