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GNOME Beer Event at FOSDEM

Much happened in January, well enough to consider any GNOME problem with the appropriate distance, that's probably a good thing.

FOSDEM is around the corner, and there is the traditional Beer Event on Friday, I don't think I ever went to them, and it will certainly again be the case this year. But this is a first, as I will also miss you on Saturday, I won't be there for the GNOME Beer Event (many friends turn 30 this year, that particular one is already reaching 40) but I encourage you all to go there, just like year, nice place, good people. Olivier organised it all.

Starting at 19h30. La Porte Noire. 67, rue des Alexiens.

FOSDEM 2009 GNOME Beer Event

GNOME Beer (and other beverages) Event

Good thing this picture doesn't spot the date, as I could copy it from last year announce (btw I fail to remember who did it). Hopefully there will be instructions at the GNOME booth about how to get there and there are many nice places to eat in the neighbourhood, a list of them could also be made.

As I'll be missing on both Friday and Saturday evenings, when should I buy you a beer? You decide! Just yell at me in the GNOME devroom and we will check if the bar within the university works as well as in previous years.

Also, two other GNOME FOSDEM thanks: Christophe who planned the devroom, and will man it perfectly during the day, and Baptiste who managed both the stickers and t-shirts (register for yours).

Finally just like Thomas did, I'd like to remind you of, your best way to the metacity blog and the commit digests.

27 janvier 2009, 21:37