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GNOME at Solutions Linux and Days Off

The "Solutions Linux" event took place in Paris almost three weeks ago and as I went away from computers since then, and Vincent is such a busy man now his thesis has been finished, and nobody else seemed to blog about the event (but I am just getting back and may have missed something, sorry), I will write a little bit about it now. Better late than never.

It was foremost the perfect occasion to meet, for the first or the thirty-third time, many people from the community, from the GNOME(-fr) community of course, people such as Vincent, Christophe Fergeau, Dodji Seketeli, Frédéric Crozat, Daniel Veillard, Pascal Terjan, Loïc Minier, Michael Scherer, Dave Neary and all the ones I forgot, from other communities too, with very interesting conversations with the KDE people.

vuntz and teuf manning the booth

GNOME Booth, Solutions Linux, January 30th 2008

Of course it was not all about the existing community but also chatting with curious visitors, talking with lots of happy users, and answering the same question, what will be the new features a thousand times.

Vincent also had some time to work on the future GNOME artwork, from an excellent wallpaper (but I don't have a copy) to a fabulous theme, which has been shoot by Pascal Terjan:

new GNOME artwork

Picture by Pascal Terjan

Developer of gnome-desktop, gnome-panel, gnome-session, libwnck and pessulus, member of the release theam, it was not enough and he will certainly lead the GNOME art team to new heights after such a proof of his talent.

As I wrote earlier I got two weeks off after the event, they were totally unplanned apart of the general idea of meeting friends in Brittany. And they were a total blast, from the Douarnenez carnival to days spent on a boat on the river Rance in Dinan, and days in Brest and Rennes, as well as a week spent helping on a naval work shop (last touchs to a months-long work, on a three-masted schooner, lacing sails, cutting steel with plasma...), and then sailing from the work shop to Brest.


Sunrise on the three-masted Bel Espoir


Bowsprit of the Bel Espoir


Sailing the Atlantic Ocean

16 février 2008, 16:02