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GNOME 3.16

GNOME 3.16 was released last week and is the result of more than 30000 commits by over 1000 persons, I am always impressed by those numbers, thank you all!


It comes with many improvements including a revamped notification system, Allan detailed the features on his blog, go read it for the whole story: In case you didn’t notice….

On the Brussels front Guillaume is so busy he forgot to organize a release party; he got back to his senses and it will happen, but still, we're losing ground here. So I went partying elsewhere, in this case in Lyon, as there was their annual free software event ("les JDLL"). We had a booth thanks to Bastien, and Mathieu was also there to help demonstrating and discussing GNOME.

GNOME booth at JDLL 2015

See you in six months!

2 avril 2015, 13:19