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Getting features back in Bugzilla

The migration to Bugzilla 3.4 was a success, Max Kanat-Alexander did a great job porting many of our features, and most important porting them the right way, to be sure we do not end up in a few years stalled with an old Bugzilla again.

Still we had many features in Bugzilla and not all of them could make it, and it's now up to us to work on features we miss. Hacking on a web application written in Perl? The dream of all the GNOME hackers! Not. But I spent some time on this before my laptop broke, and I got back a development Bugzilla running this Saturday.

Helped by Olav and his insistance and doing it the proper way I set to work and by yesterday evening we now got back support for stock answers and the patch report (not yet linked from other pages, and with a different URL imposed by the extension mechanism, example).

In the pipeline I also have a port of the describeusers.cgi page and of the weekly bug summary. Hopefully they will soon be finished and installed.


Bruxelles, August 24th 2009

Actually I wanted to post a picture of "Camembert au miel et pommes de terre au four" as I got a new oven (thanks Chris) and have a great time cooking but the picture didn't turn well, so here's a rainbow for you.

14 septembre 2009, 10:57