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First GNOME 2.17 build

I just went through building GNOME 2.17 and only faced a few minor problems before getting a complete build, much better than when I started with 2.15.

Current issues:

  • dbus-glib, the same as ever, it needs a running D-Bus or a manual copy of the introspect file
  • evolution-data-server, problem linking against xulrunner, but it is more of a xulrunner problem than anything else, fixed once xulrunner libs were added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • epiphany, build error related to ToNewUnicode, I already saw this before, hand patched
  • ekiga, CVS requires newer versions of pwlib and Opal, fixed by updating module set to get CVS HEAD for those but this does not match the external dependencies list. Damien, Elijah, comments ?
  • gnome-power-manager, minor issue wrt and libnotify, sent bug report, got ack, applied patch, issue fixed, thanks Richard.

I just started a new build against, hope it goes as fine.

Update: I forgot a build error in libglade related to detection of autoconf 2.6* (bug 348579). Also I didn't have the time to have a proper look to the epiphany problem but Christian Persch fixed it, wow.

5 octobre 2006, 11:47