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Some results from the dev doc tools hackfest

Johannes did a nice wrap-up of the hackfest, I'll just point to a few things.

  1. There is a featuring the new design almost ready to go, but it won't get out before the real goes live, I am confident it won't take five more years. That new site also has a new "GNOME Developer Center" page, featuring quick access to important ressources and links to the demos and tutorials we have been working on during the hackfest. This is the page that is currently screenshoted on
  2. The demos and tutorials are also up on the existing library website, but not integrated in any way, It is all automated already, it will get updated every night.
  3. There's a test server, running as, I just added some HTTP authentication, to make sure it doesn't get indexed in any way. There's no automation there, and it doesn't feature the live search in API symbols.
Leaving Berlin

Leaving Berlin, December 6th 2010

Thanks again to everyone involved, and a special mention to Chris for having me.

7 décembre 2010, 11:41