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Building GNOME 2.31

24 juillet 2010, 16:39

I started a draft of this post ten days ago, it started with "For the first time in many months there are now 223 (out of 245) modules building correctly on one of the buildbot slaves", we are now at 234 modules (ouf ot 247), also I wrote we were in a better shape than ever, and this still holds true, and this is despite the ongoing technology transitions (GTK+ 3, GSettings, GApplication...).

Reaching a low number of build failures is really important, as it makes it possible to know about all of them in details, to notice changes, and to react quickly. The current situation is as is:

  • libproxy is failing looking for some mozilla js header (reported against jhbuild as bug 623768, I would set it up with --disable-mozilla but it's a cmake module and I don't know if it can be switched off…
  • evolution is failing on the deprecation of GtkNotebookPage (bug 624534), ditto for gdl (624636).
  • glade3 has almost been ported to GTK+ 3, the remaining part is to get the toplevel project widgets rendered in offscreen windows, Juan Pablo Ugarte is working on this (bug 594957)
  • cheese, the 3.0 branch has just been merged and it depends on the mx clutter toolkit, this is just temporary and Filippo Argiolas will include the necessary code directly Cheese soon.
  • libchamplain still need to be ported to GTK+ 3, but this requires clutter-gtk, Emmanuele Bassi wrote "the plan is to release clutter-gtk 1.0 depending on gtk3.0. whether this plan actually comes together depends on me finding a week of time for fixing clutter-gtk for 1.0, or people helping me", so go and propose your help…
  • telepathy-glib fails when building its vala part as vala didn't support the latest changes in gobject-introspection, bug 624772 tracked this and it has been fixed, so telepathy-glib will be fixed when a new vala release gets out. In turn this will also fix the folks and empathy modules.
  • gnome-color-manager is failing due to a missing libgudev on the build slave, unfortunately installing it from a distribution package will also install glib development packages, and this could mess things.
  • there is some linking error with gnome-shell, with missing symbols around gjs, or mozjs, but I couldn't find anything obvious, and it builds fine locally, so I didn't dig far.
  • glibmm has an error for a few errors, around gdbus, probably an API change not yet reflected.
  • and last, hamster-applet looks like it is missing some file, but it is using was as build system, and this discouraged me last time I looked.

Of course you're welcome to set up and maintain your own buildbot slave (unfortunately at the moment it requires to have a fixed IP address (bug 621236), just hop in #build-brigade, send an email to build-brigade-list@, or find me at GUADEC :)

See you!