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Bangalore Release Hackfest

First day of the hackfest and Allan Day wrote we would do release team things, but what would those "release team things" be? Many things!

Just go and see all the things Andre did today, or the gnome-panel branch of Vincent (299 files changed, 17334 insertions(+), 27275 deletions(-)).

"Now let me break stuff", "3.0-freeze-break", noticed the pattern? But don't take it seriously, we are making 3.0 rock, together with the release team members that couldn't join us and are also working hard.

What about me, some details about what I did? I went for boring things, like pushing a preliminary set of modules for our second release candidate, which was initially planned for today, then building and smoketesting it, including the gnome-panel changes mentioned above. For the record that release will finally happen tomorrow, and I blame the timezone for this.

That's it, you should now imagine a "Sponsored by the GNOME Foundation" badge here (thanks!), and a "meet me at GNOME.Asia summit 2011" image on the other side; and go over to read what the other participants did, they've done so much already.

28 mars 2011, 20:51