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Back from Rochejean, now in Nantes

I am not at GUADEC, I hope everybody has a great time there; I am not under the Gran Canaria Sun, but I have been to the everchanging weather of Rochejean, which you probably never heard of. I had a really good time visiting a friend I hadn't seen for almost two years, and never since she installed in that small village.

Walking around the place...

view of Longevilles

June 30th 2009, view of Longevilles

next to Lac of Remoray

June 30th 2009, next to the Lac de Remoray

... and taking pictures of the skies.

Rochejean Sky

July 1st, Rochejean Sky

Rochejean Sky

July 3rd, Rochejean Sky

Disconnected of all computer matters for a week, I am now kind of back, in Nantes, for the ephemeral radio covering the "Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (Libre Software Meeting)".

7 juillet 2009, 08:24