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A few things

So I have been hard at work on the GNOME Library and I am immensely happy about this; interesting, useful and visible job, and great comments by everyone, what else to dream of?

Even cooler this kept me enough time (and in some cases even gave me the necessary motivation) for a few things: washing more clothes than necessary, fixing the bathroom (well at least I tried), upgrading a server at work from Sarge to Etch, putting out new packages for several projects, finishing one that had been waiting for weeks, going to a gig of the Peas Project, moving some webapps from Prototype to JQuery, migrating an association from its ancient CMS to a modern one, buying more books than necessary, installing and sharing on the network a scanner at the radio (surprisingly easy). And more.

/captures/ (full size, real thing)

20 août 2007, 10:12