GNOME 3.18 is out!

Thursday, September 24, 2015 9:45 - GNOME

We left codenames and macaques years ago but this year at GUADEC came the idea of a small gift to the GUADEC and GNOME.Asia teams, they do an amazing work, and here we are, the GNOME 3.18 release has been named "Gothenburg" as a token of recognition for this year's GUADEC team.

GUADEC is an important moment in the life of the GNOME project, this is where we gather and assert we are foremost a community of dedicated persons, all working to produce the best computing environment we can. It is with that point in mind that I will nevertheless use this space to pinpoint a single person and congratulate him for all the work he put in 3.18.

Let me introduce him, Carlos Soriano. Round of applause please.

Files (né Nautilus) is a key part of the desktop and has a very long history but he was not intimidated and helped by the designers and other fellow developers, Carlos put a massive amount of work into it this cycle and the result is simply fantastic. Again when I was taking some screenshots for the release notes I was amazed by all the small details, like the way a "New Bookmark" entry slides when dragging an item over the sidebar.

"New bookmark" entry in Files sidebar

Voila. Carlos also did many other things. GNOME 3.18 also has many other things. This was my highlight.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Your JS-only (click event) image zoom breaks viewing of full-size images on Planet GNOME. If you can, might be an idea to give small images a standard link as well.

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