Friday, August 3, 2012 9:44 - GNOME

GUADEC is now over but I still have a few long days ahead as I packed a new bag as soon as soon as I got home, this time the direction is Floreffe in the belgian countryside to help in the ephemeral radio station we install every year during the Esperanzah! music festival.

Everything is now ready and we still have a few hours before the doors open so here I am, writing my own take on the time spent in A Coruña.

After an uneventful flight and the preregistration event, we at the release team had a meeting during lunch on Thursday where we discussed our usual stuff, and a little bit about the report we would give during the foundation AGM. It was planned to be the usual report, "we released 3.2 and 3.4, they were on time, we also did this and that…" but we changed it after the many discussions we all had, about Xan and Juan José "a bright future for GNOME" talk, about Benjamin "staring into the abyss" blog post. It seemed like the air was full of expectations regarding the release team, often beyond our actual attributions.

That's why, to go past the informal discussions, we changed our AGM presentation to bring the question upfront, to all foundation members: "what do you expect of the release team?". I am quite happy about the way it went, many opinions were heard during the AGM, even if we had to stop the discussion to leave room to other teams and members.

But we continued gathering feedback and it all fueled the "GNOME OS" BoF on Monday. While the morning was hept on technical grounds (application sandboxing, OSTree…), the afternoon turned into a very interesting conversation on priorities and targets. From form factors we should target (laptops but taking touch into consideration) to core applications, I believe we laid out the foundations for a solid planning. It will now have to be discussed further, and with community members that couldn't attend GUADEC and that BoF. More on that soon, on desktop devel list.

And GUADEC was then fast over, as a all it felt like we started with many doubts but shaked them out and ended with strenghtened confidence in the project, something that will be necessary to keep it going strong.

Others have written about the food, the parties, the games, and all other community bonding moments, I won't repeat team, I share their sentiments, it has been a great event, and I give all my thanks to the organizers and local team, and of course to the foundation who sponsored me, thank you all!