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7 avril 2011, 08:58

With no consideration for Bangalore timezone or my sleep schedule, GNOME 3.0 has now been released! Live images are already updated (go try them) and packages are flowing into distributions.


I originally had plans for some tourism in Bangalore after GNOME.Asia (fanstastic event) but didn't do much in the end as everyone was working hard on the release, and I certainly didn't want to let it happen without my part of the effort.

And that effort has been concentrated on the documentation websites,, updated to the new website look, and, a revived site dedicated to developers, working on and with GNOME technologies. It couldn't have happened without the Berlin Development and Documentation Tools hackfest, and the collective effort of numerous hackers, inspired by the immense work Shaun McCance has been doing for years.

Thanks everyone for making it happen, and let's all step into the GNOME 3 era.