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Sunday, March 13, 2011 17:08 - GNOME

This is a quiet Sunday, perfect to spend time reading blogs, and doing so made me want to look in Bugzilla if requests for supporting appindicators had been mistreated, but the first bug report I read was about Empathy, and I read the following comment:

« My understanding of the GNOME release process is that the release team prefers to see a library used as a configure time option of several projects before accepting it as a dependency. This removes the "I built a library that sounds good but no one really uses" problem of adding libraries to the platform. For instance, libnotify has been used by many programs before it was a blessed dependency for 2.26. »

—Ted Gould, in bug 574744, "Empathy could take advantage of the Messaging Indicator", 2009-04-06.

So I was derailed and went looking for the case of libnotify, which I had forgotten, and indeed, libnotify was proposed for 2.20, and refused,

+ libnotify
  - mixed feelings within the release team.
  - this is being used more and more, so it's pretty clear
    there's a demand for this.
  - some of us still strongly feel that it should live in one
    of the libraries we already have in our stack (probably
    GTK+). We'd like to see people working on integrating
    this in our stack, or explaining why it's not possible to
    do so.
  - what might be worth is accepting the dbus API: this is
    something that will happen more and more in the future
    (think Xesam, for example). The API probably needs to be
    standardized, though.

— Vincent Untz, in New module decisions for 2.20, 2007-08-10

And it was finally in 2.26 that is was approved, and it was still noted at that time that it would be better to have it in GTK+.

+ libnotify (external dependency)
 - widely used
 - would be nice to have a more active development
 - feature that should live in GTK+ in the future (when dbus
   can be used there)
 => approved
   The release team wants to stress out that it should really
   not be abused (as it tends to be).

— Vincent Untz, in New module decisions for 2.26, 2009-01-21

For reference I found this list of requests for appindicator support: Empathy, Ekiga, Epiphany, Vino, and GNOME Control Center, in case someone wants to look for mistreatments.

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