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Monday, August 2, 2010 20:12 - GNOME

I am all with Leonardo, it's good to have "volunteers" as the first contributor to GNOME.

After Dave gave his talk at GUADEC my comment was "this is a partial view, commits are not everything", I was certainly not thinking about Canonical involvment then (but about this article (in French) on gender and computer). Anyway, we do value contributions in code more than the rest, and I believe we should pay attention to this, and be sure we give the same value to the work being done by translators, designers, artists, bug triagers, etc. (I acknowledge this sounds like "yada yada yada").

But what about my GNOME contributions? Maintaining JHBuild? Developing Helping in the release team? Perhaps I am particularly unlucky but none of those found their ways into Dave's report. Too bad, but to be honest I was aware of that beforehand as Dave contacted me as he thought there was perhaps an error in his count, because my commit level was much lower than what he expected :)

Last but not least, another of my numerous uncounted contributions is the weekly commit digest, and this could well be the one that gave me the more thanks at GUADEC, I really appreciate it, and while I once thought of stopping at the hundredth issue, I will most certainly continue them for a while. Thank you all.

Yes, your work in _pretty_ important to get the things done in GNOME. I use jhbuild and for my humble code contributions to GNOME and they are essential for me.

Keep rocking Frédéric !!!

Comment by Juanjo Marin on August 2, 2010 21:21

I'm so glad you decided to go on with the digest after all. I hope I'll soon find the time to resume my work on the little contribution I told you about.

Comment by Alexandre Franke on August 3, 2010 9:56

The weekly commit digest is my favorite part of GNOME News! And, while I don't really use jhbuild, the GNOME Library is very useful for me, both as a user and as a (sort of) developer.

Comment by Leonardo Fontenelle on August 4, 2010 0:06

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