I am attending GUADEC

Saturday, June 12, 2010 18:42 - GNOME

I still need to register and book a place, but I am going, and I'll play along...

Who are you and what do you do? Frederic Peters, release team member, commit digest editor..., my jobs in GNOME are well known (or easy to find, at least), therefore I'll have a few words about my second hobby, which is participating to Radio Panik a local (Brussels) radio station, where I play a sysadmin, "radio engineer" (pushing faders!), and occasionnaly babble in a microphone.


The best fries of Brussels were made by Martin, May 26th 2010

How did you get into GNOME? It was a long time ago, I was developing a GTK+ 1.0 (or .2?) application, the GGAD (GTK+/GNOME Application Development) book by Havoc was published, I converted it from whatever format it was to Docbook, missed the first GUADEC in Paris because I was a student without a calendar in my pocket (oops, it was last week), then I did other things but finally came for good to the community in 2005, hacking on jhbuild and a build server, then it was GUADEC in Vilanova and that was great.

Why are you coming to GUADEC? Because we had so many nice things in Brussels already this year (FOSDEM, UDS, LGM) that it's time to get out of the country. Also I didn't go to the last two editions, and that serie has to stop.

In 1 sentence, describe what your most favorite recent GNOME project has been. Without a moment of hesitation, that would be GNOME Shell. I've done a lot of GNOME booth and the shell is really the thing that brought back interest and curiosity (!) in the public. And that's wonderful.

Wet chairs, in Paris

In Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, June 2nd 2010

Will this be your first time visiting the Netherlands? I believe last time was on the road back from Debconf3 in Oslo, in 2003, a tire exploded, that was a terrible car crash (no casualties). I am coming by train this time.

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You do an amazing job with GNOME Commit-Digest. I read it every week. Thanks again for everything you do.

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