GNOME and Operating Systems (and where my pleasure is)

Thursday, May 13, 2010 8:22 - GNOME

It's not rare to hear people talking of Debian as a "meta-distribution", a "supermarket of packages" where distributions can pick the bits they want. Is this something happening to GNOME? Is it a problem?


I manned the booth at FOSDEM, and the booth at Solutions Linux; at FOSDEM we had the event box computer running GNOME 2.28, and Nokia phones running Maemo exposed. And we got questions on those; in March at Solutions Linux we he had installed GNOME Shell on the event box computer, we had no phones, and I had so much more pleasure talking about the future of GNOME when demonstrating the Shell than a phone.

... and Operating Systems

On Monday there was a plenary session by the Canonical design team, and one of the point was that they were building an operating system, not just assembling bits, they were designing an operating system. Which is by the way exactly the thing William Jon McCann tried pointing to Fedora members on their desktop mailing list not so long ago.

So distributions are evolving into operating systems, what will GNOME do? what will GNOME become? I have no answer, sorry :)

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Webkit is a one-stop shop for a toolbox to build truly amazing web-engines powering most of the mobile and desktop web-rendering applications & browsers.

Similarly GNOME stack has already became a toolbox for developing unique, creative, next-generation operating systems.

Comment by Dmitrijs Ledkovs on May 13, 2010 16:24

Hey Frédéric, I wrote some notes about the role of GNOME in the innovation ecosystem a couple years ago:

I think it's somehow related to your questions. Cheers!

Comment by Lucas Rocha on May 13, 2010 17:11

After the Fedora desktop started becoming "designed" I feel it less and less desirable and more painful to use.

Comment by nicu on May 14, 2010 8:10

In my experience, GNOME has been an awesome "supermarket" of libraries and services for Sugar, but the community has been very important as well.

Comment by Tomeu Vizoso on May 24, 2010 18:22

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