UDS Day One (and only one)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 11:44 - GNOME

On Monday I went to the first day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit, as it is taking place next to Brussels. It was quite nice, I had great pleasure meeting old acquaintances and new persons, especially Rick Spencer, who is managing the desktop effort, and Tomeu Vizoso, of Sugar, introspection and python fame.

Mostly I went there uninvited, curious about their plans relative to GNOME 3, and a big answer was given in the initial Mark Shuttleworth keynote, "Gnome Shell is for Desktops, Unity is for Netbooks", and "we will be packaging gnome shell in 10.10 but the schedule doesn't allow for it to be the default".

During the day I got to talk about how much I wanted for Ubuntu users to be able to experience the desktop we are building (there should be a GNOME Shell session available, and daily builds), how I feared having desktops diverging too much, and how I long for cooperation (I am especially thinking about app indicators). But to be honest I am not sure I convinced people of the importance of going upstream, and not to be passive into that (in places there is a "upstream will anyway reach to us as they see how cool we are" sentiment).

Anyway that wraps it up for me, as I can't make it any other day.

I'm getting this feeling also about Ubuntu i feel bad as they are "forking" instead of contributing upstream and share their ideas upstream.

Thanks for letting them know again how much upstream is try to be friendly with them.

Comment by Luis Medinas on May 12, 2010 12:45

Appindicators have been proposed into Gnome but they were refused because Gnome is building its messaging tray and appindicators clash with that vision.

@Luis Medinas

Ubuntu should diverge the desktop as much as they want to make it usable for their users.

Comment by zekopeko on May 12, 2010 13:54

Appindicators is developed for gnome-panel applets and GNOME3 will be based around gnome-shell so it's clearly not an option. I'm happy for Ubuntu to have reached masses but i really hope that they start contributing for the rest of the community and not stand alone "forking" projects (this is what i'm understanding from their leader). Making a desktop usuable involves working with the whole community and have much manpower as we can.

Comment by Luis Medinas on May 12, 2010 16:56

Ubuntu has their own vision for GNOME design, and quite frankly I think they have some good ideas - even some better ones than Shell. And their ideas actually exist, in a released form, today.

I wish GNOME Shell had incorporated some of their ideas, actually. There's obviously a huge communication gap in design vision between Ubuntu and upstream, but let's face it - Ubuntu simply has a different idea for what their desktop should look like than the GNOME3 developers.

Luckily, open source allows them to pursue their own vision. And rather than chiding them for it, and hoping Ubuntu will "get in line with upstream", maybe upstream should take this opportunity to learn what GNOME vendors would actually like to see in GNOME, rather than hoping all of their vendors will take whatever they're given.

After all, GNOME Shell developers certainly aren't representative of the entire GNOME community either. I think both groups here have interesting visions, and to criticize one for differentiating from the other is hypocritical.

Comment by twilightomni on May 12, 2010 18:47

This is exactly the same situation that happened with novel when they released their changes to the gnome desktop in their SLED distro. AFAIK only the world clock applet managed to go upstream after many releases later.

Comment by anonim on May 12, 2010 23:27

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