On proposed modules

Thursday, May 6, 2010 14:29 - GNOME

I would have done a spin-off of the Fer and Xan weekly comic but I failed to orient the speech bubbles correctly, so here I am typing text instead.

There is a webpage, How to propose modules for inclusion in GNOME, it has been read by maintainers, and they followed up with module proposals sent to the desktop devel list.

The release team is meeting soon to decice on modules, and I would like to remind those maintainers that the page has a "Judgement Criteria" section, and the first item is: "Willingness and ability to follow release rules and release schedule."

So far I didn't see any of the module popping up for 2.31.1 on our FTP server.

(Yes I know the call for tarballs was sent late, I would suggest every module maintainer to subscribe to the schedule calendar)


Not all the modules use GNOME FTP yet (which I know is another strike against them...). Deja Dup 15.1 (which is GNOME's 2.31.1) was in fact released.

Comment by Michael Terry on May 6, 2010 15:38

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