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Friday, November 27, 2009 17:20 - GNOME

This is getting traditional, noting how busy I have been this month, and how little I managed to do in GNOME (it had been weeks since a significant change, but I got back to it with the addition of the nightly buildbot scheduler to JHBuild (bug 591231).

Busy weeks for many things, with the high point this Sunday with an audio workshop for beginners I found myself organizing, and which turned out great, with the motivation to do it again with the same people. But then I was drained for a few terrible days. And even yesterday evening — that should have been a blast (finally the premiere of the short movie of S.) ­— went kind of wasted on my low energy.

The nice thing is holidays are coming soon, more on that later.


Miró on a calendar. November 27th, 2009

Anyway I didn't have much time for GNOME while I would have loved to push that proposal, quoting myself answering to William Jon McCann, on focusing artists, designers and usability people on "user experience":

With both you and Jeremy Perry who are working hard on the shell design, with Andreas Nilsson and friends¹, with the experienced people from Sun, with designers from OpenSUSE and Ubuntu, in an open but focused channel, we could assert we have a trusted team in charge, and avoid accusations of changes being made by lone runners.

I didn't push, but it was briefly discussed on IRC, and Andreas seemed well motivated ("I'm into whatever you guys come up with"), and it could start as a monthly design about 3.0 materials.

The proposal is on the table, and I am sure the constitution of an "as official as it can get" team working on user experience would be a great asset.

Speaking of design, I will have a few weeks off in Italy, first week in Reggio Calabria, then the plans are less clear, as S. should arrive and join up with me for the rest. Perhaps there will be some days in Palermo as a friend got there a few weeks ago, we will see.

Italian GNOME hackers, especially in the south of Italy, or in Roma (I'll stop there), I will love to meet you, you know my email.

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