Status Control Applet

Friday, July 17, 2009 20:23 - GNOME

I had great fun last week in Nantes, participating in the ephemeral radio station, set up thanks to the good folks of Autres (M) Ondes, all the programs we had are available online, on

Obviously it was running exclusively with free software but between Jack, Rivendell, Jamin and friends, there are many components to monitor, and it would have been useful to have a direct view on those processes availability. So I promised to write a small applet, and here it came, pretty basic, but functional.

Status Control Applet

At the moment it is limited to monitoring processes, but it could well be extended to monitor other things, for example that the streaming server is up and serving files correctly.

This has also been the occasion to try Gitorious, it is quite nice, my project is available at (fwiw this is Python & GPLv2+).

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DO u know campcaster?

Comment by jak on July 17, 2009 20:49

Sure, campcaster is well known; even though Rivendell is more popular in the small radio world I frequent.

Comment by Frédéric Péters on July 17, 2009 20:51

Ahaha, tu es donc enfin devenu un vrai git fan. :D Resistance is futile!

Comment by Guillaume on July 18, 2009 12:58

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