A release problem (?)

Sunday, December 28, 2008 15:23 - GNOME

Josselin Mouette has an interesting post on packaging the new session manager for Debian, I encourage you to read it; it comes very late after the discussion that happened on desktop-devel-list last June but strongly echoes some points that were made then, for example Callum McKenzie asked: "Can I assume from your use of the word "solely" that your backwards-compatibility strategy is to leave XSMP support in place for legacy applications?"

The point was made, and seconded by others; three months later 2.24 shipped without legacy XSMP support.


By release time we discussed a lot the new GDM, would we ship 2.20 again? Finally it was decided to ship 2.24; it was certainly too late to address comments before 2.24 but were they considered early 2.25? Support for a real automatic login was added in 2.25.1, that's about all.


Those are two examples, there are others, we do see the problems, why don't we act on them? Is this just lack of manpower? Something else? Is there even something we can do? Do we need to publicize more those problems, to encourage hackers giving a hand?

I really do not know; do you have ideas?

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