GNOME Roadmap, call for update

Friday, November 14, 2008 18:28 - GNOME

I just sent out an email to all module maintainers and developers; if you are a maintainer or developer of a GNOME official module and haven't received the cited message, just let the release team of the roadmap gang know about the modules we've missed.

This is just like the roadmap gang have been doing for the latest releases but there is a twist this time, as we want to plan a bit further than the next release: we want to define the major goals for the next two years, as the community is willing to implement fresh/innovative ideas that improves GNOME's user experience.

The UI hackfest happened in Boston and Vincent blogged about some ideas that came out already, a new desktop shell and file management revamping. But it's just an initial effort to define the 3.0 release, you are those who make GNOME and it is the occasion to share your ideas.

That's it, think over it, discuss it with friends, other developers, the various teams, usability, art, and tell us all you want about it in the RoadMap pages. It is very important, as it will also be used for our release notes and the press coverage of our next release.

I posted a blog that discusses 6 features I would love to see in 3.0. You can see it at . I'm just a user, so I don't know how I would go about actually requesting features for GNOME, but if you're interested it's a quick read.

Comment by Eric Pritchett on November 14, 2008 22:43

I would love to see workflows and inter-application scripting in the style of Mac OS X, where workflows (built on the inter-application scripting architecture) can be created with a drag-and-drop tool, packaged as "applications," and distributed.

I would like to see gnome apps get inter-application scripting support nearly for free (the developer needs only to define which objects in his app will be exposed with which methods to handle them), and where the scripting engine is designed so that it is relatively simple to write per-language bindings for it so that script writers could use whatever language they wished (python, javascript, bash, perl, ruby...)

Comment by Randall Wood on November 15, 2008 12:25

Like Eric Pritchett, I think remote sessions, file transfers etc. done easily with Empathy/Telepathy would be very convenient. I especially like the idea of making remote sessions easy to set up, without having to bother with firewalls, NAT and the like. Tech support via the phone is a nightmare.

Comment by Mats Taraldsvik on November 15, 2008 14:11

The new GNOME Shell stuff is a start, but more than anything else I'd like to see some of the better document management related feature that were discussed at the hackfest. (See

Comment by Natan Yellin on November 15, 2008 21:36

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