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Monday, October 6, 2008 13:19 - GNOME

Long story short, I am totally jealous of KDE Commit-Digest, the weekly summary of what happens in the KDE development world, a great window into what they are working on.

I like it as a GNOME guy, just like I read Planet KDE (not a fan of their redesign), but I also think it is a terribly interesting thing for KDE hackers and users, what are my peers up to, what is the projet I love up to. And I would love if we could get a GNOME equivalent.

Just for this week I tried a little, read a lot of commit messages, wrote a few sentences and created two tables, I just pushed it to

This is just a first issue, I'd like it to be regular and expanded, and for those two goals I welcome any help, especially as it is very easy to help if you are already following what happens in GNOME land: has a long-standing bug been fixed? has a cool new feature been commited? if you know of anything, just share it and I'll be an happy hacker writer.

Totally unrelated, here is a picture for our OLPC friends:

wall with 'XO' written by bricks

Brussels, September 7th 2008

cool. could the tables link to changelogs or something clever like that?

Comment by ssam on October 6, 2008 13:36

I really wish that shaunm made a lot more noise about pulse ( as it could no doubt be expanded to generate this sort of digest information automatically

Comment by John Stowers on October 6, 2008 15:13

What I would really like is a "digg spy"[1] alike feature for bugzilla, so I could spy what is happening right now in bugzilla, that would help getting attention from people to bugs, eg. ocious people could check the spy and comment,test,etc, on bugs they will never be aware of in other way..


Comment by Nelson on October 6, 2008 15:58

Nobody can ever compete with Danny the Superhuman!

On a more serious note: looks good! Obviously, it could use some work (linking to web subversion, for example).

Comment by Michael "Sarcasm" Howell on October 6, 2008 16:54

Commit digests are pretty cool... I look forward to having one for gnome eventually.

Comment by ethana2 on October 6, 2008 17:00

Sounds great. Maybe you can borrow the svn scripts that Danny uses to collect and summarize the KDE commits?

Comment by Anders on October 6, 2008 18:45

Hey, this sounds very cool.

I'm a KDE user but i think GNOME rocks too and i'm very interested in GNOME development :)

Comment by gon on October 7, 2008 10:53

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