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GNOME Commit Digests

6 octobre 2008, 13:19

Long story short, I am totally jealous of KDE Commit-Digest, the weekly summary of what happens in the KDE development world, a great window into what they are working on.

I like it as a GNOME guy, just like I read Planet KDE (not a fan of their redesign), but I also think it is a terribly interesting thing for KDE hackers and users, what are my peers up to, what is the projet I love up to. And I would love if we could get a GNOME equivalent.

Just for this week I tried a little, read a lot of commit messages, wrote a few sentences and created two tables, I just pushed it to

This is just a first issue, I'd like it to be regular and expanded, and for those two goals I welcome any help, especially as it is very easy to help if you are already following what happens in GNOME land: has a long-standing bug been fixed? has a cool new feature been commited? if you know of anything, just share it and I'll be an happy hacker writer.

Totally unrelated, here is a picture for our OLPC friends:

wall with 'XO' written by bricks

Brussels, September 7th 2008