Community and Thinkpads

Monday, August 11, 2008 17:43 - GNOME

So I was at Akademy this weekend as it was not far from home and a good occasion to meet lots of people (and to interview French speaking ones for a radio show) and see the other side.

Well... it is not easy to summarize and I won't even try but it was definitely cool to see the KDE project (and community) from the inside, not quite the same as following Planet KDE. Also very interesting to make parallels with GNOME, listening to conversations we also have, or we had in the past (not much DVCS conversation there, and they also got a bazaar t-shirt in their bag, just like at GUADEC).

Also not a moment where I felt oh I wish we had this in GNOME, but this is just because I just love the way GNOME is now (minus gnome-session bugs, and that is just temporary and will be ironed out before 2.24).

laptop before replacing keyboard

Spare keyboard, August 11th, 2008

Unrelated but on Saturday evening my laptop keyboard controller health worsened out (some keys acted erraticaly, I completely lost up and down keys (btw grub doesn't support j and k but it supports v and ^)) and as a free software conference is all about community and Thinkpad love I almost felt for it. But then I tried the community and got some spare parts (thanks so much, Luc) and I managed to assemble the stuff together. Yeah.

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