No GUADEC, but a surprise

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 18:28 - GNOME

So I was not at GUADEC this year; I therefore avoided the after-boat-party collective hangover, great, you sure all had a blast there. It was fun to discover today the swag bag as that "love equation" got devised by Baptiste (crevette on IRC) and myself several months ago for the GNOME at FOSDEM t-shirt. It then got used at FISL, went to the front page of, and now the GUADEC bag; it is certainly becoming my most visible contribution to GNOME, which is both cool and uncool.

Uncool because that means I did not do much lately, as I have been busy on other projects; hopefully I'll get more time during those summer months, adding new stuff to JHBuild (big up to John Carr and his work on bzr and git mirrors), cleaning stuff on and lending an helpful hand to the Empathy crew.

And now for the surprise, I missed GUADEC but as I follow Planet KDE I couldn't fail to notice all those "I am going to Akademy" banners and I decided that I could as well go, as it just 40km from Brussels and the talks seem really interesting. (oh, and guess who will be there...)

Akademy 2008 Banner

... but I am still a Gnomie.

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