Thursday, February 21, 2008 18:05 - GNOME

There is a FOSDEM Beer Event on Friday, there is also a Free Beer Party on Saturday. Few people knew, and we planned a GNOME Evening at another place, so what to do now ?

Easy enough, you just have to come to the GNOME event, see how cool it is and totally forget about the other one. Or you just can go to the other one later in the evening.


FOSDEM 2008 GNOME Beer Event

GNOME Beer (and other beverages) Event

Saturday. Starting at 19h30. La Porte Noire. 67, rue des Alexiens.

There will be instructions at the GNOME booth about how to get there and there are tons of nice places to eat in the neighbourhood, so it will be perfect to start your evening.

But don't forget there are interesting talks on Sunday morning too!

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know != now

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Oops, thanks for your comment, I am not used to that error but as I hurried up to get this post up it somehow slipped in.

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