Une interview avec Kim Stanley Robinson

Mercredi 19 décembre 2007 23:43 - Bouquins

Je viens de finir la lecture d'une interview avec Kim Stanley Robinson, je suis occupé à lire sa trilogie « Three Californias », j'ai déjà recopié ici un extrait d'un autre bouquin, etc. J'aime vraiment beaucoup cet écrivain, et ça dépasse de loin le seul aspect littéraire.

Dans l'interview, il y a cette photo que je trouve hallucinante :

[Image: New Orleans under water, post-Katrina; photographer unknown].

[Image: New Orleans under water, post-Katrina; photographer unknown].

Et un morceau où il écrit :

[...] Because the word sustainability is now code for: let's make capitalism work over the long haul, without ever getting rid of the hierarchy between rich and poor and without establishing social justice.

Sustainable development, as well: that's a term that's been contaminated. It doesn't even mean sustainable anymore. It means: let us continue to do what we're doing, but somehow get away with it. By some magic waving of the hands, or some techno silver bullet, suddenly we can make it all right to continue in all our current habits. And yet it's not just that our habits are destructive, they're not even satisfying to the people who get to play in them. So there’s a stupidity involved, at the cultural level.

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