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Monday, August 20, 2007 10:12 - GNOME

So I have been hard at work on the GNOME Library and I am immensely happy about this; interesting, useful and visible job, and great comments by everyone, what else to dream of?

Even cooler this kept me enough time (and in some cases even gave me the necessary motivation) for a few things: washing more clothes than necessary, fixing the bathroom (well at least I tried), upgrading a server at work from Sarge to Etch, putting out new packages for several projects, finishing one that had been waiting for weeks, going to a gig of the Peas Project, moving some webapps from Prototype to JQuery, migrating an association from its ancient CMS to a modern one, buying more books than necessary, installing and sharing on the network a scanner at the radio (surprisingly easy). And more.


library.gnome.org (full size, real thing)

Last Modification: Monday, August 20, 2007 10:13

merci fredp! C'est du super boulot :)

Comment by elmarco on August 20, 2007 11:51

Hi, thanks for all the great work!

However I'd like to see the library reflect the latest development/svn version of the manual. That would make it a whole lot easier for translators to check their work.

Comment by ReinoutS on August 20, 2007 12:25

Great work, really nice visual appearance. I would put the Desktop section on top of the users part though. These seem to be the most generall Documents. Scrolling down through all the apps might give the impression that this just contains app documentation. Maybe putting the applications on seperate pages per section would also make this page less cluttered. Since it is pretty much the same order as in the panel (which is great) everyone should be able to find their app fast.

Comment by Max on August 20, 2007 12:27

Salut Fred, comme d'habitude, tu m'impressionnes :-) Des fois je me demande quand tu dors... Bon, autre sujet... Je t'ai renvoyé 2 fois un backtrace sur mon problème jhbuild. Mais pas de réponse. Je me demande par conséquent si l'adresse mail que j'ai est correcte, ou si je ne serais pas bloqué par un quelconque filtre antispam. Tu pourrais m'envoyer un mail auquel je pourrai répondre pour être sûr que tu reçois bien mes messages ? En plus j'ai toujours mes problèmes de mail, il faut que je me le prenne ce foutu nom de domaine...

En tout cas bon boulot sur l.g.o, moi je vais essayer de me motiver pour les release notes cette semaine. @+

Comment by liberforce on August 20, 2007 13:41

This is so much better! Very clean and organized, I love it :)

Comment by Rafael Jannone on August 20, 2007 17:10

Could you remove that star thing? If it's needed, let it be on the main page, we are star kids and everything; but at least manual pages shouldn't have it.

Comment by muntyan on August 20, 2007 21:50

WOW! I say WOW: this is really so much better than before.

Suggestions: (1) add dates to each document when available, so at a glance a developer can know how old it is (the idea is that the older a doc is, the least likely it is to be trusty) (2) where a library is deprecated, please add to the comment associated with the '!' what non-deprecated library a developer is supposed to use (assuming one is already available, of course)

All in all you made me happy :-) chris

Comment by chris on August 21, 2007 0:04

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