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Back from GUADEC

29 juillet 2007, 10:46

It has been a week since GUADEC finished but it already feels like a long time ago (thanks to hectic days at work). I am sure I missed a lot of fun with all the people at ETap hostel but the Birmingham Central Backpackers place was cheaper and quite cool, and it had working Wifi and we could play Wii Sports in the morning. On the other hand the surroundings may have looked a little bit intimidating, deserted old industrial zone...

Industrial Birmingham

Birmingham, July 21st 2007

As for GUADEC itself, it was great to meet again with all the community, as well as new members or members I didn't see before. I also particulary enjoyed Mairin talk on interaction design; and pondered a lot about all the online desktop talks. I feel much better with Lucas thoughts about web-awareness than Havoc or Alex more extreme ideas.

Birmingham Beach

Birmingham, July 16th 2007

I probably spent too much time speaking French with Mandriva people but it was really interesting to learn about the way they do things; and the Mandriva Flash they offered all of us is really great (but gfxboot doesn't work on my laptop, so it had to be disabled, and that also means the OpenSUSE CD won't boot).

On the way back I hacked a little bit more on, so it is ready for 2.20, but finally started over and rewrote most of it, no public announcement yet, subscribe to gnome-web-list@ if you are interested...