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Friday, February 16, 2007 21:29 - GNOME

I have been running bleeding edge stuff for a few days now, and I am happy with it; this will allow for more bug reporting, not just build errors but all kinds of bugs, woot, here comes random notes...

I didn't know about bug 149167, filed in 2004, finally applied. I am left wondering how much potential polish to our desktops is sitting untouched in Bugzilla; perhaps I could spend time on this when 2.19.x will start...

While talking about nice improvements I tried the composite manager included with metacity but it is unfortunately too slow for real use on my laptop (i855GM, compiz runs fine but I like metacity); also I feel it comes with too much effects, I just want a composite manager so I can try avant-window-navigator, drop shadows are nice but semi-transparent menus doesn't bring anything to me. Anyway metacity compositor (and libcm) are in their infancy, and not activated by default, hopefully it will be nice and usable by 2.20.

Back to packaging work and I discussed quite a bit with Loic Minier from Debian GNOME Packaging team about my current svn packages are future plans, things are shaping up. I am also rewriting my gross hack to jhbuild to make it clean and useful to others. More on that later.

Hi there!

I just read your post on Planet GNOME. I am the developer of avant-window-navigator (Awn), and I thought I'd let you know that I have had many users who are using Awn with xcompmgr, and it works like a charm!

Oh, and be sure to use the SVN version for the best experience :).

Comment by Neil J. Patel on February 16, 2007 22:08

xcompmgr is a composition manager that does not require OpenGL or other fancy stuff. I use it with metacity.

Sadly it does not appear to be actively maintained these days, and has some bugs. For example, it doesn't advertise itself via X selections like wm-spec says it should, and as a result gnome-terminal doesn't know it can use true transparency. There are other occasional glitches, e.g. the logout menu on Ubuntu is completely invisible.

Comment by Marius Gedminas on February 17, 2007 0:24

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