The "Coup du Zeppelin" Project

Sunday, February 11, 2007 23:08 - GNOME

It was a difficult week where I failed to concentrate on anything, be it work on not, which was quite frustrating. Anyway Friday was better and by the end of the day I was scribbling in my (paper) notebook, waiting for a friend in an almost empty bar.

It didn't last long, the friend arrived, the bar filled up and it was a pleasant evening, with that strange moment when the Flemish girls next to our table asked (in French) « Are you from Paris? », oops, did I spent too much time down there ? She had been a student there, in the fourteenth arrondissement, close to our offices. But let's stop there and fast-forward to the next morning.

So I had written down some ideas and on I started implementing them, by early afternoon I had something running.

And it ran all day. And it rained all day, but this is irrelevant.

I woke up this morning and got back to the project. And it ran. Then my new neighbour had an electicity problem and I had to show her the way to the magic boxes in the basement (which is missing lightbulbs, I just love looking for the general circuit breaker while holding a ligher). But this didn't disturb the project.

Since it was taking longer than expected I wrote down about another project, proposal for FOSDEM Saturday evening, in « L'Atelier », a not-large-enough-for-everybody bar close to FOSDEM, with a pretty good selection of beers.

The project is still running. It is located here:

Have a nice day.

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Whoohoo!! Great work! Can't wait to have a beer to the "coup du zeppelin"!

Comment by elmarco on February 11, 2007 23:34

Are there source packages for those (or at least the debian/ directories) available somewhere?

Comment by Tom Parker on February 12, 2007 0:17

There are no source packages for the moment, it will probably be difficult to produce those since there are no upstream .tar.gz to be based on (and I believe it would be expensive to make dist them when producing packages). I plan to publish the debian/ directories, I just need to write the export code.

Comment by Frédéric Péters on February 12, 2007 0:25

Wrote the export code; this is raw access to the debian/ dirs; mostly uncleaned stuff.

Comment by Frédéric Péters on February 12, 2007 0:43

Nice story :-)

Comment by Andy Wingo on February 12, 2007 10:28

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