Manu Cornet is a GTK+ torturer

Thursday, August 10, 2006 14:13 - GNOME

A bit before his introduction on planet gnome, Manu posted to performance-list@ about a product of his summer of code, gtk-theme-torturer.

One goal was to torture theme engines, putting widgets in all sorts of uncomfortable situations and trying to break them. A side effect was benchmarking engines (see for example this post about OLPC engine).

Faster than light Fernando Herrera wrote a patch for command-line support and suggested all of this could be used in jhautobuild to detect performance regressions. I cooked the necessary jhbuild support and posted about gtk-theme-torturer integration into jhautobuild.

This is fast getting old, just like LDTP and dogtail support, I am just providing a link to a not-that-interesting page on a test server, nothing real, easy.

So I finally took the time to integrate all of this, LDTP, Dogtail and GTK+ Theme Torturer, into the real build host,, so I could run real daily tests.

I failed to get LDTP working (must look again into the issue) but Dogtail is working nice (it just lacks test, must get back on this too) and gtk-theme-torturer is there too, producing tables full of numbers.

And graphs.

Everybody loves graphs.

I must now wait a few days to see if the results are stable (since there are lots of other processes on that host) but I can already plot three points:

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