And now for dogtail support

Sunday, July 30, 2006 17:07 - GNOME

Dogtail still lacks a structured repository of tests and that part will be mandatory if we want them to be automated. In the meantime this is just a hack but with the help of Sebastian Rittau XML Test Runner for PyUnit jhautobuild now have Dogtail support.

Starting Xvfb, downloading and running tests, getting results as XML and uploading them, all of this works correctly: dogtail test results.

And best of all, working on this gave me new ideas.

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I must say, I really love the work you are doing, having fully automatic tests is a wonderful way to place the blame ;-)

(And we have the additional benefit that it makes GNOME even more stable)

Keep doing the great work, you should be provided with lots of beer during the next FOSDEM.

Comment by RubenV on July 30, 2006 18:35

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